Clean & Safe Hygiene and cleaning measures to prevent and control COVID-19 and other possible infections

Safe & Clean
Sportstages has developed a label with which it wants to inform its customers about which hotels and sports facilities from its range are making extra efforts to prevent and combat Covid-19 and other possible infections.

Sportstages has been working behind the scenes for a while on its own sustainability label, because traveling and sports are not without consequences. We are thinking of the sustainable use of energy, water, materials and dealing responsibly with nature.

Because of Covid-19, we have also developed a second label in addition to the development of our sustainability label. We were inspired by the initiative of Turismo de Portugal, which launched the Clean & Safe label for the tourism sector. The label requires the implementation of hygiene and cleaning measures to prevent contamination risks and safe procedures to ensure the exploitation of tourism activities. In Portugal, more than 4000 companies have already applied for the Clean & Safe label. This demonstrates the commitment of the Portuguese companies to welcome tourists in safe conditions.

Sports internships drew up a list of measures that hotels and sports facilities must at least meet in order to be awarded the label. As soon as the accommodations have submitted a declaration of commitment, Sportstages will award the Clean & Safe label.

The sustainability label will be further developed and launched later this year.



Conditions for awarding the Clean & Safe Sportstages label


Sports internships(Sportstages)

Sportstages ensures that sufficient distance is maintained between employees and its customers. Shaking hands, kissing, holding physical meetings, sharing workplaces, and sharing meals and utensils are avoided.

Sportstages ensures that the permitted activity per square meter in closed spaces is respected and that these closed spaces are regularly ventilated.

Sportstages informs and stimulates its employees to:

regularly disinfect hands by washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or using a disinfectant product containing at least 70% alcohol;
coughing and / sneezing into the inside of the elbow or using a disposable handkerchief and throwing it away immediately after coughing or sneezing;
disinfect the hands after each cough or sneeze;
avoid touching the nose, eyes and mouth with your hands;
Check for fever daily by measuring body temperature and checking for coughing or breathing difficulties.

Sportstages cleans the areas, surfaces and materials that are used in common (including counters, desks, light switches, lift buttons, door handles and cabinet handles) several times a day. There are sufficient cleaning materials and disinfecting products that contain at least 70% alcohol.

Liquid soap and paper towels are in the toilets.

Sports internships ensures that company-related information is distributed via digital channels.

Sportstages ensures that there is always an employee at work who is responsible for triggering the procedure in case of a possible contamination.









Sportstages wants to use the "Sportstages Clean & Safe label" to ensure that partners they work with comply with the health and safety rules associated with the label.

Partners (= hotels, sports facilities, rental companies, coaches / trainers, etc.)
1. The partner ensures that sufficient protective equipment and disinfection products are present and made available to the staff and guests.

The accommodation has sufficient protective equipment for all its employees;
There is sufficient personal protective equipment available in the accommodation for its guests;
There is sufficient stock of single-use cleaning materials, including disinfectant products, bleach and products containing 70% alcohol, present in the accommodation;
Alcohol-based dispensers are available on every floor near entrances and exits and at the entrance to restaurants, bars and public toilet facilities;
Liquid sores and paper towels are provided in all toilets;
The accommodation has waste bins that cannot be manually operated.

2. The partner ensures that its personnel is wearing the necessary protective equipment such as a mouth mask and gloves.

3. The partner ensures that the maximum permitted occupation per square meter in closed spaces is respected and takes the necessary actions to this end. These closed spaces will be regularly ventilated.

4. The partner ensures that sufficient distance is maintained between employees and guests and guests. Shaking hands, kissing, holding physical meetings, sharing workplaces, and sharing meals and utensils are avoided.


5. The partner ensures that all surfaces that people, employees and guests come into contact with are regularly cleaned and disinfected, using disinfectant products containing at least 70% alcohol and bleach.

All surfaces and objects that are touched are disinfected several times a day (including light switches, lift buttons, door handles, cabinet handles);
It is preferred to use wet products such as aerosol sprays and disposable disinfectant cloths in cleaning rather than dry cleaning agents such as dust cloths or vacuum cleaner.
6. The partner ensures that the pools, spas and wellness areas are regularly disinfected by replacing the water with chlorine-sterilized water.

7. The partner ensures that food serving environments, all materials and surfaces used are cleaned regularly and direct contact with food and guests is avoided.

8. The partner ensures that the following rules are observed when cleaning and cleaning sanitary facilities:

Removal of bed linen and towels is done without shaking, roll up from the outside in, avoid direct contact and put it in the washing machine immediately;
Bed linen, towels and employee uniforms are washed separately and at a temperature around 60 ° C.


9. The accommodation has an area where potentially infected persons can be isolated. Preferably a room with natural ventilation or a mechanical ventilation system with washable cover and a bathroom or toilet. There are sufficient cleaning and disinfection products, mouth masks and gloves in this room. A thermometer, hands-free bin, closable bags for clothes and materials, sufficient water and non-perishable food are also provided.

The partner ensures that a responsible employee is always present to check compliance with these measures and who is responsible for taking the necessary actions in the event of a possible contamination, including escorting a potentially infected person to an isolated area, providing the necessary support and contacts the necessary authorities.

In case of possible contamination, the isolation area will be completely disinfected, paying close attention to the surfaces that were often touched.

The products and materials used by a potentially contaminated person will be placed in a plastic bag that can be properly sealed and then handed over to a recognized organization that cleans hospital materials and clothing.

If you have a question about this label or the measures, you can contact us by e-mail at or by telephone at 0475 / 55.58.85.
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