Professional padel training in Alicante

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21 januari 2022 till 15 december 2022

Hotel Castilla Alicante
Spain - Mainland


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    Professional training by a certified Paddle trainer. 
    You will train in a unique environment, 12 professional courts, sun, green surroundings, and selected top trainers. 
    You will stay only 200 meters from the famous beach Playa de San Juan, a 3-star superior hotel with breakfast. 
    In total you can choose from the number of hours of padel training:

    • 4.5 hours 
    • 9 hours
    • 12 hours 
    • 15 hours 

    We have a team of 8 professionally certified trainers for each level.

    • Beginner
    • Average
    • Advanced
    • Competition

    We have coaches suitable for all levels

    Our coaches explain techniques and movements on the field, then practice and correct strokes. Tactics and positioning on the field, where to stand, where to hit the ball, which shot to choose and how to score based on markings.

    We guarantee a huge evolution within your game after this stage.

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    Participation options

    • Individual
    • Couple
    • With family
    • In Group


    • Guidance by Sportstages
    • Guidance by sports specialist
    • Guidance by your own trainers
    • Third party guidance
    • Without support

    Language guidance

    • Dutch
    • English
    • French

    Transport options

    • Car
    • Bus
    • Airplane
    • Own transport
    • Padel

    • Bicycle rental
    • Buffet restaurant
    • Located on the beach
    • Private parking
    • Sunbeds and umbrellas at the pool
    • Swimming pool (Outdoor pool 25 m)
    • Towels included
    • WiFi
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