7-day skiing holiday in Norway Harstad

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01 februari 2023 till 31 mei 2023


This course is suitable for those without skiing experience. During the course, participants will learn to master skiing at a basic level. Besides skiing, participants will enjoy the exceptional nature and winter landscapes. A ski race will be held at the end of the course.


Day 1: finding the right balance

Try the ski equipment at the hotel and make sure everything fits

Go to Kilbotn (20-minute drive) and try skiing for the first time. During the exercises, participants will learn to stop, turn and walk with skiing on their feet. Important factors include finding the right balance on two skis and using poles. Lunch will be served during the activity.

Evening activity: easy hike to "Gangsåstoppen" with views over the city

Day 2: introduction to classical techniques and snowshoeing

Transport to Kilbotn and further practice of various techniques, with lunch on site.

2 hours course before lunch, 1 hour lunch, 2 hours course after lunch. There is a focus on both uphill and downhill skiing techniques. There is also an introduction to classic skiing.

Evening activity: after dinner a snowshoe hike to Keipen or Litjehornet near Aunfjellet with spectacular views. Opportunity to see the northern lights, with hot/cold drinks at the top.

Day 3: easy ski trip and mountain skiing

Transport to Kilbotn and further practice of classic skiing techniques. Ski trip from Kilbotn to Sørvika and back after lunch.

After lunch, practice mountain skiing and hiking off the trails. This prepares us for days 5 and 6.

Day 4: The first "real" ski trip

We start the day with transport to Kvæfjordeidet. Here we will continue practising classic skiing techniques with stunning views of the mountains surrounding the tracks. The route will be adapted to the level of the group and the trip will take about 5-6 hours, during which we will also have a lunch stop. When we reach the summit, the group will be rewarded with stunning views if the weather permits. It is necessary to bring a few extra woollen shirts and a warm jacket.

In the evening, we will go to the sauna at Harstad Havnebadstue. Do you dare to swim in the Arctic Ocean?

Day 5: Mountain skiing

We will ski on mountain skis from the top of Sollifjellet Alpine centre and in the mountains nearby. During this trip, we will enjoy fantastic views of the mountains around Harstad and will also have a lunch break. It is necessary to bring a few extra woollen shirts and a warm jacket.

It is possible to spend a night in a Norwegian cabin. Here you can try out what many Norwegians do during holidays and on weekends. It is also possible to return to the hotel.

Day 6: Skiing and ice fishing

We will ski to a fishing location, with the opportunity to try ice fishing, a popular winter tradition in Norway. Weather permitting, we can spend several hours catching the "Røya" and enjoy a nice lunch with hot chocolate. Alternatively, for those who just want to ski, we can discuss a trip on mountain skis, where we go to the top and ski down at high speed.

For dinner, we can eat the fish we hope to catch during the day, cooked by some of the local chefs.

Day 7 - Race day

Today is the time for participants to apply the tips and tricks they have learnt over the past few days during a 5-10 km competition/race in Kilbotn. This is an excellent opportunity for participants to experience what it is like to be born with skis on their feet. And who knows, maybe they will come back to try out the Reistadløpet on 1 April (30-50km).

Clothing advice:

Softshell jacket and trousers

Hardshell jacket and trousers

Warm wool layer sets

Wool socks

Warm down jacket


Included in the 7-day programme:

*7 days rental of cross-country skis, poles & boots / mountain skis with poles & boots

*7 days of professional instructor

*7 outdoor/indoor lunches with local gourmet delicacies

 * Transfer & logistics: to and from airport, from hotel to all activities

One night in a Norwegian mountain hut with gourmet dinner

Personal video recording

1 x sauna at sea experience

7 nights in Thon hotel, in standard rooms (double but single occupancy)

Price including VAT: €5,349 per person

Minimum group size per week/internship: 6 participants (maximum 8 participants)

Participation options

  • Individual
  • Couple
  • With family
  • In Group


  • Guidance by Sportstages
  • Guidance by sports specialist
  • Guidance by your own trainers
  • Third party guidance
  • Without support

Language guidance

  • Dutch
  • English
  • French

Transport options

  • Car
  • Bus
  • Airplane
  • Own transport
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