Artic Combo Ski Package - 7 days of adventure in Alta, Norway!

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Location: Norway
1 April 2024 till 30 April 2024

Duration of the trip: 7 days

Destination: Alta, Norway

Travel activities: Snowmobiling, visiting a husky kennel, nature workshop, skiing to Alta Canyon, guided skiing, private sauna, reindeer and sleigh ride, yoga session, chocolate tasting, Nordic Gourmet tapas dinner.

Experience the ultimate snow adventures and enjoy spectacular natural beauty with the Arctic Combo Ski Package in Alta, Norway.

Discover the breathtaking landscapes of Alta, Norway during this 7-day active sports trip. From the moment you arrive at the airport, you will be taken to the Gargia Lodge, where you will stay in a comfortable double room. After a delicious dinner and a presentation about the program, the adventure truly begins.

On the following days, you can participate in various activities, including a snowmobile adventure, a visit to a husky kennel, a nature workshop, a skiing trip to Alta Canyon, and guided skiing with an experienced guide. In between, you can relax in the private sauna and enjoy the unique Sami experience with a reindeer and sleigh ride.

You will stay in different accommodations, including a mountain cabin and the Canyon hotel, where you can enjoy additional activities such as yoga sessions, chocolate tasting, and a Nordic Gourmet tapas dinner.

On the last day, a farewell breakfast and lunch will be provided before you return to the airport.

Sample itinerary:

  • Day 1:
    • Arrival at the airport and transfer to Gargia Lodge
    • Check-in to a double hotel room
    • Dinner and presentation about the program
  • Day 2:
    • Breakfast
    • 4-hour snowmobile adventure with snacks and hot drinks
    • Lunch at a Fjellstue
    • Visit to a husky kennel and storytelling
    • Dinner at Gargia Lodge
  • Day 3:
    • Nature workshop with practical exercises and snacks
    • Preparing lunch in the wilderness
    • Private sauna
    • Visit to Sami Siida with reindeer and sleigh ride
    • Dinner at Gargia Lodge
  • Day 4:
    • Skiing trip to Alta Canyon with a guide, snacks, and lunch in nature
    • Private sauna and free time
    • Dinner and presentation for the next day
  • Day 5:
    • Guided skiing with snacks and lunch in nature
    • Check-in to a mountain cabin for overnight stay
  • Day 6:
    • Breakfast
    • Transfer to the hotel
    • Private yoga session with stretching
    • Lunch
    • Check-in to a double room in the hotel
    • Chocolate tasting and making chocolate bars
    • Nordic Gourmet tapas dinner
  • Day 7:
    • Extensive breakfast
    • Farewell lunch
    • Transfer to the airport for departure

Included in the package:

  • Accommodation: Gargia Lodge, 1 night in a mountain cabin, 1 night in Canyon hotel
  • Meals: Dinners, breakfasts, snacks, farewell lunch
  • Guided activities: Snowmobile adventure, husky kennel visit, nature workshop, skiing to Alta Canyon, guided skiing, private sauna, Sami experience with reindeer and sleigh ride, yoga session, chocolate tasting, Nordic Gourmet tapas dinner
  • Local transportation: Transfers to and from the airport

Not included in the package:

  • Flights
  • Personal expenses: Souvenirs, drinks outside of meals, additional activities

Practical information about the travel date:
The exact travel date may vary, so please contact us for available dates.

Reasons why this trip is ideal:

  • Explore the beautiful natural surroundings of Alta, Norway
  • Experience thrilling snow activities like snowmobiling and skiing
  • Learn about the Sami culture and enjoy unique experiences like reindeer and sleigh rides
  • Relax in the private sauna and enjoy culinary delights like the Nordic Gourmet tapas dinner

Optional add-on to the package with price:

  • Rent ski clothing and skis for 3 days

Possible highlights or unique experiences:

  • Exploration of Alta Canyon
  • Meeting huskies at the husky kennel
  • Sami experience with reindeer and sleigh ride

Feedback or testimonials from previous participants:

"This ski trip to Alta was absolutely amazing! The activities were thrilling and well-organized. The accommodations were comfortable, and the food was delicious. An unforgettable experience!" - Lisa


"I love skiing, and this trip exceeded all my expectations. The skiing tours were breathtaking, and the guides were very knowledgeable. I highly recommend this trip to anyone who loves adventure and winter sports!" - Mark


"The Sami experience was the highlight of the trip for me. It was amazing to learn more about their culture, and the reindeer and sleigh ride was a unique experience that I will never forget." - Sarah

Participation options

  • Individual
  • Couple
  • With family
  • In Group


  • Guidance by Sportstages
  • Guidance by sports specialist
  • Guidance by your own trainers
  • Third party guidance
  • Without support
  • Accompaniment by a sporty guide with an interest and knowledge of sports and history

Language guidance

  • Dutch
  • English
  • French

Transport options

  • Car
  • Bus
  • Airplane
  • Own transport
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